House Extensions

room under renovation with ply woods

While all of us would love to be able to easily find the perfect homes for us, this is nearly never possible. You need something with enough room to promote the lifestyle that you want and you want to be able to spread out, as your family lives and grows. So, you might find that the best step for you to take is extending your home and giving yourself a wider area to live. Perhaps you want to be able to create a larger kitchen, add on a new bedroom, or even convert your loft space. But whatever the case, make sure that you are getting the most from your home extension, by trusting the task to us. At Royal Renovations Hobart, we can custom design your house extension and help you find the ideal ways for you to better your property. 

 Home Extensions 


 Whenever our team takes on a new home extension task, we make sure that we are finding the perfect things for our clients. Whether you are looking for a new one storey or two storey installation, we always apply ourselves to delivering it, no matter how complex the task. From laying new structural foundations to constructing the frame, walls, and all of the finishing details, every step will be quality and help you achieve the perfect extension for your property. Just let us know what it is that you are looking to do with your new space and we’ll make sure that the design reflects that.

 Loft Conversions 


 The majority of people who have a loft or attic space use it for no more than storage and dust collection. It is easy to forget about but that just means that you are wasting its potential. Instead, you could be having your loft converted and made into a much more useful and pleasant area, that allows you to extend upwards. All it takes is trusting in the home extension capabilities of our team and you could quickly find that you are finding many more ways to add to your home. 

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Structural Renovations

 If you know that you have an older home or are aware of structural deficiencies, you should always look into structural renovation. Important to any home extension or in helping your existing property to continue to stand strong, this kind of improvement requires skill and quality. You will need to create a new frame for your property and remove any weak walls or foundations, before replacing them with something greatly improved. And, for that, you can always trust in us and our excellent services. 

 Custom Design 


 No matter which one of our home extension services is going to be right for you, we want to make sure that it is always delivered most closely to your needs. We want to ensure that each of our clients is satisfied with their extensions and that is why we gladly offer custom design on every job. Whenever you trust us for your home addition, you can take your pick over every feature and detail, ensuring that it is most going to be right for you.