General Building Services

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At Royal Renovations Hobart, we want to make sure that we can be there to help out our clients whenever our skills cater to them. As the leading local renovation and construction specialists, we aim to ensure that we can help out any Hobart residents with the installations and improvements that they want to make to their home. And, for many, that means looking at new construction work. There are many ways that you could build new improvements for your property, that help to get more out of the space that you have. But whether that means a small porch addition or the new installation of an entire garage space, you want to make sure that it is given every ounce of quality that you would expect for the rest of your home. So, whenever you are looking for general building services in the city of Hobart, you ought to make sure that you always get them from us. 

 Porches and Patios

 If you are looking to add an aesthetic but functional touch to your exterior property, perhaps one of our great porches or patios would do the trick. A great installation to make if you care about quaint details, our team can help you bring one to live in a tasteful way. Take your pick of the materials and the design and allow us to create a space for your property that adds value and charm. All you need to do is let us know what you are looking for with the installation and we can make sure that every small detail is delivered. 

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Garden Walls


 Perhaps you are looking to make your yard or landscape that little bit better, or even make your property a little bit more private. A great way for you to do all of these things is to install new walls around the area. Garden walls never fail to add something to the aesthetic and you might find that they are the ideal finishing detail for your outdoor space. So, allow us to help with the construction of yours and make sure that you get the most from them. 

Garages and Annexes


 Having either a garage or an annex built on your property might be the perfect way for you to create more usable space for yourself. There are countless ways that you could make use of one, from extra storage to your own, separate office space. But whatever it is that you are planning for yours, make sure that it is done most effectively by trusting the task to us. 

Other Builds


 Our team is happy to help out Hobart residents with any kind of general construction work, always being able to produce excellent results. No matter what it is that you are looking to build, we’re certain that we can provide for it. All you need to do is speak to a member of our team about the structure that you aim to achieve and you can count on us to help do it best.